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Eplastech Co., Ltd locates in Shenzhen, China. We offer manufacturing service including mold design and fabricating, molding/casting, CNC machining and rapid prototyping. We are also ready to serve to our customer with engineering support whenever needed. Also we are very happy to support our customer who has amazing and inspiring new idea, we can offer excellent support for the startup project.

Our services involved in telecommunication, automotive, consumer electronic, medical, home appliance, and industrial component etc.

Our constant focus is on delivery of the highest quality product and service at the best price, we can take a product from concept to production quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Currently we are having shipping to customers throughout North America, Europe, Australia, mid-east and India etc.

When you're ready to bring you project running, Eplastech Co, Ltd has the experience and knowledge base to create from prototypes to fast tooling and finally production tooling quickly and accurately. Working with Eplastech Co, Ltd brings you the best of both worlds by providing off-shore pricing and lead times combined with your project management team.

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