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Project Details:  

Cover lid production
  Part name: Cover lid
  Part name: Zytel 70G35HSL NC010
  Part weight: 3.6kg
  Part size: Dia325x170mm
  Other: 8 pieces stainless steel 316 thread nut
  Molding press: 1000 Ton
  Mold size: 500x600x541mm
  Cycle time: 7mins

Main challenge:
  Part weigh is 3.6kg, the average thickness 12mm, part cannot have air bubble etc bugs
  Part need to pass safety test: under 15 bars water pressure and keep at least 10 mins without leaking.
  Destructive test higher than 25 bars
  Complicate machining details after molding and the machining need be very accurate

Our Solution:
  We used extremely of the press to inject the part with proper speed and pressure to make sure the part will
  have the weight 3.6kg, this will make sure molded parts have good quality and have no air bubbles
  We prepared the special jig for the safety testing and destructive testing. This is circuital test for the molded
  quality parts judgment.
  Lot of special jigs was made for the molded parts CNC lathe machining, milling machining, drilling and thread tapping.
  We also prepared the inspection jigs for quality control to make sure that the parts are good.

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