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Project Details:  

Brief introduce:
  Part name: Filtration Cylinder
  Part material: PPS+50% glass fiber material.
  Part size: dia56X654mm
  Mold Cavity: 1
  Slider: 4 sliders, 2 was acted by slider guide pins and another 2 dragged by oil cylinder
  Insert steel: H13 (HRC48-52)
  Mold size: 350X850X351mm (not include oil cylinder length)
  Injection gate: directly sprue

Main challenge:
  The PPS+50%GF material require high molding temperature, need very good heating system for the mold.
  The part inner thru hole is diameter 30mm and length 654mm, the slider molding for the inner hole need be work
  very good and keep good part quality.
  Customer does not like ejector mark on the external surface.

Our Solution:
  We drill several layer water lines to help to mold get enough heat during the molding, the mold was worked with
  two mold heater together during the molding.
  We made special kiss off structure for the two sliders kissing, and enhance the support in the two sliders ends.
  The mold was design without ejector pin, ejector plate. Part was released by core moving back, similar principle as
  plate eject but in different way. This makes the part was molded without any ejector marks that satisfy with
  customer requirement.

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